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8. Statutory Notices pasted on hardboard and erected on lamp columns by the local council in advance of parking restrictions/roadworks etc.
I had to put some stats up on Thornbury road for the roadworks next week
by DanEvans April 09, 2010
7 7
Stats: The reduction of a woman to an absolute value. Hooking up, making out, getting is all a value that can be added to ones "score card".
Paul wrote the book on "stats".

Huston got "Stats" last night.

That fat bit*h is a negative stat.
by Paul "Bonnie" April 23, 2007
23 23
Standing Tall And Talented
Damn, STAT killed Big Mac on that Gouhlish diss track
by Standingtallandtalented December 05, 2012
38 39
stats: how many times you've had sex.
john has 15 stats!
by stats up April 20, 2011
6 14
used to describe a situation, or appearance
Dude did you see his guitar solo? GNAR STATS!

Check out that rednecks hair. Mullet stats, fer sure bro.
by rachhh November 01, 2007
4 17
An abbreviation for statistic. If you dont already know what it is then your either stupid or your waiting for me to say somthing funny... Nope not gonna happen...
48% of all stats are made up on the spot.
by Statnerd September 10, 2010
3 18
Meaningless stuff: AKA statistics
Useful stats: Over 600% of drivers don't drive!
by Trust November 05, 2003
12 32