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One that is great at what they do.
Twisted Method
Acey Slade
by Becky August 12, 2004
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skilled in many things
He is an extrmely talented badass who is the most incredible person ever
They have a lot of talent; they can do many things very well.
Olivia is very talented at singing.
The word used to one of your friends to let him know the girl has a well edowed rack. you can use when they are standing right beside you or from a far distance.

this was originated by keaton alexander and george oguna in early 2010
"Damb that bitch is talented!"

"You are veery talented!"

"This room is filled with talent
by sKeaton Alexander June 18, 2010
A woman with Nice Tits...
"That chick is talented"
by "B" to the "T" August 19, 2005
adj. Used to describe the favorable appearance of someone of the opposite sex, without specifically using any descriptive words.
Good to use in when in company of members of the opposite sex with whom in which you are in good standing and would not like to ruin any of your chances to hook up with in the near future.
Katie:Hey what do you think of my new roommate?
Mike: She is..talented...
by don corleone September 15, 2004
An attractive woman with Nice Tits...
"That chick is talented"
by "B" to the "T" August 19, 2005

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