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1. When playing a first person shooter you are purely getting headshots back to back, the dome being the head


2. Getting head

1. Setting: Halo 3 Guardian Team Doubles BRs

Teammate 1: We have one at snipe 2 and one at mid curly ramp

Teammate 2: Dont worry about it im at blue and even though its normally hard to shoot mid curly ramp from blue ive been getting dome all day

Teammate 1: Well good give him a good teabag after you get that dome


2. I'm such a hard-ass that I've been getting dome all day
by 1_SHOt June 01, 2010
to receive oral sex from a hooker infested with vd
i was getting dome from that aids bag of a hooker
by james9418bond October 17, 2007
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