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To be severely dissed and picked apart by someone. Derived from the sharp-edged insults of Patti Stanger from the Millionare Matchmaker on Bravo TV.
"You got Stangered."
"She told me that my picture looked like me 10 years and 40 pounds ago...I just got Stangered."
"Stop talking, you're talking too much." - Stanger
"The guy is on a neverending road that leads to an old age home." - Stanger
"So I'm really nervous about (so and so) because, you know, he is douchey-mc-douchey New Yorker." - Stanger
"Have either of you eaten today?...No? You can tell." - Stanger
"I hate your outfit. Pancho Vio wants his jumpsuit back." - Stanger
"These girls came out looking weird like I had the circus coming to town." - Stanger
"You need to fix that hair 'cause it's a hot mess." - Stanger
"You could lose weight." - Stanger
"You need to get your teeth fixed, 'kay? It's like shark's teeth in there. File 'em down." - Stanger
"Take that skirt off and burn it. Burn it, burn it, burn it!" - Stanger
by J.K.2 November 12, 2011
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