The act when a female, after having received a creampie, climbs on the man and presses her genitals against different parts of his body, leaving him 'stamps' of seamen in the process.
Sam came in her just before Lisa could reach an orgasm, so in revenge Lisa hopped on him and stamped the hell out of him.

When you need to spice up your love life, stamping is the perfect way to surprise your man.
by Mutti Mama April 03, 2013
Top Definition
When you fail to wipe your anus with a firm degree of integrity and the left over shit leaves a circle/streak of stinky fun on whatever you sat on.
My god you didn't wipe your arse properly and now you have stamped all over the bed you thilfy bitch. My white sheets resemble a Cheetah..... All that Stamping is not called for!
by Jamesantenna1 January 19, 2014
stamp, stamping.

to lick your girlfriends anus, then stick in your dick.

(licking a stamp. lick and stick.)
Stamping is a great way to start any relationship.
by mo1337 March 30, 2008
a tag or throw up on a sticker. makes for a quick tag. the stickers usauly used are over night postal stickes because there free.
lets go stamp some shit
by matches April 22, 2003
When a man takes his penis and dips it in another man's semen and then inserts it into a woman's vagina.
Dude, did you hear that the house cat got caught stamping cruzerfire's wife.
by danny9 November 14, 2014
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