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The sensation of awkwardness that ensues upon running into an individual several times in the course of the day, without intending to, leading to the conclusion by the other party that you are stalking them.
1. "I hadn't seen Amy in weeks, and today I ran into her six times! It was stalkward, man!"

2. "So, I'd never met this guy before, but I've seen him like five times today, it's really stalkward!"
by cavecanem January 27, 2010
When someone reveals information about someone to their face that could only have been garnered via intensely following their activities on social networking sites. Nearly always potentially embarrassing for both parties.
Uhh...sorry how stalkward.
by kavdog May 31, 2010
A word describing someone who awkwardly knows information about people they haven't met or don't know personally; someone who stalks people they "know of" and declares this information awkwardly to them.
Person 1: Hey, you know my cousin's wife's best friend's nephew's neighbor don't you?
Person 2: do you know that?
Person 1: I saw you on facebook
Person 2: Wow you're so stalkward.
by bomchicabowwow September 07, 2010
adj. describes the silence that ensues when you say something that let's your stalkee know you've been stalking them.
Dude, you're not even facebook friends, you shouldn't know that about her.

I know. That was stalkward.
by gt6driver October 25, 2012
something that is both awkward, and stalker-ish
Ben: "I want to have you baby!"

by RoboBoogy April 30, 2011
When something is equally awkward and stalky. Commonly used when someone is caught liking old Facebook pictures.
"It was totally stalkward when Alex called me late last night."
by Leshalooloo November 11, 2013
When someone is stalking you very awkwardly. This can be via facebook, twitter, flickr, or even someone literally following you.
"Oh my god, this cringy guy keeps talking to me, its just so stalkward!"

"Stalkward turtle."

"I can't help being stalkward, you are just so hot!"
by gaga_eljayne_monster13 November 07, 2011

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