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A pretty cool social network where you can talk and share pictures and stuff.
Hey I'm in Flickr right now, login bitch!
by Mark April 15, 2004
A site where people convince themselves to admire "eccentric" art , that is also complete bullshit.

Also a place for ugly, old, fat , or in some cases somewhat attractive women to post naked pictures of themselves to seek attention and invites to flickr pools. ( and a place for ugly old perv fucks ( flickr "pros" ) to comment on these said photos and then jerk off to them.

Meh , and I guess a place to find sometimes good nature photos.
"i have nothing goin' on irl , but my flickr life is off the charts , in my next photo ill reveal a nipple "
by uhhuhtranquilize October 30, 2009 - An online photo management, photo sharing application, social networking platform with a gazillion groups for every photo genre, gear, interest etc.
"Hey, check out my photos on flickr."
by FM7 March 10, 2009
A card used in classrooms to have a virtual quiz by using QR code technology
Damn this Flickr is hard
by G 0 January 07, 2015
A website where you can upload photos and recently, video. Its basically just another photo sharing website with its own interesting common facts,

- Those fans girls on flickr always tend to brag about things such as how cute Edward was in Twilight: New moon or how awesome that lady gaga concert they just got back from was.

- About half of the community who use flickr are asian or of asian descent.

- A lot of girls upload photos of their art and/or material possessions. Such as her Louis Vuitton purses to her old stinky converse sneakers and other misc stuff that I really dont give a rats ass about.

- Flickr also has its darker side of the corner as it can be a hangout for weirdos, stalkers and pedophiles. Many innocent young girls probably have no idea some perv is getting off on her summer vacation photos from last year.
flickr. a place for millions of perverts, sluts, depressed individuals and other people just looking for attention.
by Clm55 August 22, 2010

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