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When, in the process of stalking one on Facebook, the discovery that the said stalkee is tagged in virtually no real pictures that are actually of themselves.
"Dude, your girlfriend is such a stalk block, man, I was hoping to see what she looked like"
by Mar to the Shall July 10, 2010
61 8
When you're facebook stalking someone, but their pictures are hidden from non-friends.
Hot girl? Check.
Tagged in the picture? Check.
Clickin' to her profile? Check.


Aww, what the heck? I can't see her pictures! Stupid stalk-block!
by pookywb December 13, 2010
40 4
this occurs when the person you're trying to stalk on facebook doesn't have their photos on public.

similar to a cock block.
Jessica: ugh Tiffany doesn't have her photos on public. now i can't see them ;~;

Taeyeon: omg what a stalk block!!!!!111!!!@!`%^&
by TOFUck September 30, 2011
4 1
when the social media you're using digitally 'twitches' when you're about to click on a friends name to see what they're up to. Usually the result of heavenly intervention, God's trying to tell you something, specifically that you're a creeper & stop stalking for a while. Take a break!
Man, I was about to peek in on my ex to see what she's up to, when Facebook twitched on me - I was totally stalkblocked! Maybe it's time to take a break from this chick...
by Benjobsessin' March 01, 2011
2 1
When someone uses high privacy settings on Facebook so that you can't see any of their pictures unless you friend them.
Person 1: "Did you hear John got a new girlfriend?"
Person 2: "No way! I'm going to go stalk her Facebook right now."
Person 1: "You can't see anything; I've already tried."
Person 2: "What a stalk blocker."
by yerika February 06, 2011
5 4
To become intercepted in the pursuit of someone you have "lain claim" to, and asserted obsession with, within your circle of friends.
"Dude, I told you six months ago I wanted to sleep with him...How could you stalk-block me like that?"
by Mollie K. Grieser February 01, 2008
1 9
When browsing on Myspace or Facebook, and clicking on a profile, only to find out that it is a private profile.
I was trying to find out where Morgan works on Myspace, but then I got stalk blocked by her private profile
by Spencevil April 21, 2008
14 50