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When, in the process of stalking one on Facebook, the discovery that the said stalkee is tagged in virtually no real pictures that are actually of themselves.
"Dude, your girlfriend is such a stalk block, man, I was hoping to see what she looked like"
by Mar to the Shall July 10, 2010
When you're facebook stalking someone, but their pictures are hidden from non-friends.
Hot girl? Check.
Tagged in the picture? Check.
Clickin' to her profile? Check.


Aww, what the heck? I can't see her pictures! Stupid stalk-block!
by pookywb December 13, 2010
this occurs when the person you're trying to stalk on facebook doesn't have their photos on public.

similar to a cock block.
Jessica: ugh Tiffany doesn't have her photos on public. now i can't see them ;~;

Taeyeon: omg what a stalk block!!!!!111!!!@!`%^&
by TOFUck September 30, 2011
A deliberate, pre-planned, appreciated cock block.
When you play chaperone to a friend who is the target of someone's unrequited interest.

When you tag along so a friend isn't alone with a creeper.

When you beg a friend not to leave you alone with an overeager suitor you are socially obligated to endure.
"We need to stalk block for David at happy hour. Deborah from accounting is really making him nervous."

"I can't leave yet. I said I would stalk block for Emma until Patrick leaves the party."

"Will you come with me to my brother's birthday party? I need some serious stalk blocking because his friends are the worst."
by MouthFullOfBees March 22, 2016
When someone uses high privacy settings on Facebook so that you can't see any of their pictures unless you friend them.
Person 1: "Did you hear John got a new girlfriend?"
Person 2: "No way! I'm going to go stalk her Facebook right now."
Person 1: "You can't see anything; I've already tried."
Person 2: "What a stalk blocker."
by yerika February 06, 2011
when the social media you're using digitally 'twitches' when you're about to click on a friends name to see what they're up to. Usually the result of heavenly intervention, God's trying to tell you something, specifically that you're a creeper & stop stalking for a while. Take a break!
Man, I was about to peek in on my ex to see what she's up to, when Facebook twitched on me - I was totally stalkblocked! Maybe it's time to take a break from this chick...
by Benjobsessin' March 01, 2011
To become intercepted in the pursuit of someone you have "lain claim" to, and asserted obsession with, within your circle of friends.
"Dude, I told you six months ago I wanted to sleep with him...How could you stalk-block me like that?"
by Mollie K. Grieser February 01, 2008
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