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A "Universal Win Device". Generally used in reference to bacon.
Demonstration of the function of a UWD:

Bacon + eat = WIN
Bacon + nothing = WIN
Bacon + FAIL = WIN!!!!
by pookywb October 21, 2010
When you're facebook stalking someone, but their pictures are hidden from non-friends.
Hot girl? Check.
Tagged in the picture? Check.
Clickin' to her profile? Check.


Aww, what the heck? I can't see her pictures! Stupid stalk-block!
by pookywb December 13, 2010
a radical who employs the potential to embarrass others as a political weapon. Contrary to terrorist who uses terror!
Wikileaks and those involved with leaking inconsequential but potentially embarrassing communications are political embarrorists.
by pookywb December 13, 2010

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