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Someone who, through extensive gaming, internet use, or other solo activity, has lost the use of their social skills.
Ever since Jeremy got into World of Warcraft he's become a complete social amputee.
by EgoAnt April 08, 2005
Mental Plinko is used to define the path taken by a thought through your mind from one topic to another, seemingly unrelated, topic.
"Sorry I just spaced out there for a second. When you mentioned your car troubles I had a bit of a mental plinko. First I thought of cars, then I thought of those little air fresheners that hang on the mirror, that led me to thinking about smells in general, and then I remembered that horrible fart you ripped off in the cafe the other day."
by EgoAnt November 23, 2004
An attempt by a person or organization to convince people to reduce the amount of information they display on their online profiles.
I can't believe CNN did an expose on people's privacy being compromised online, now I can't find half my Facebook friends' cell numbers or addresses! CNN is totally stalk blocking me!
by EgoAnt February 17, 2010
Canadian definition: Commonly used to refer to someone who stopped evolving, and bathing, during the 80's hair band era. Generally can be found wearing AC/DC muscle shirts, leather jackets, and sporting a mullet. The term "skid" is in part derived from "skid row", which is both a band enjoyed by those the term refers to, as well as their address. See also white trash and trailer park trash
The skid next door got drunk and beat up his old lady.
by EgoAnt March 15, 2004

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