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Term coined by general anti-Matt Squire people. Used a general term for fail or general exclamations of fml. A verb, e.g. to be Squired, or "you got Squired!"
K: Guess what? My mom finally got a job!
T: Really? What does she do?
K: I'm not sure yet. I know it's something to with photography or magazines.
T: Oh so that's why I saw her in Playboy!
K: ...

K got Squired.
#fml #fucked #screwed #fail #owned
by Parafamily March 29, 2009
When a girl wears a strap-on and takes a man up the arse.
Thus being squired.
The missus squired me last night
#dildo #anal #butt-fuck #buggery #domination
by tummytank September 09, 2010
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