the noise made by one in affection, toward there significant other in response to a sexually playful word or touch.

It is a squeal of excitement, similar to saying "squeee" outloud in short, high pitched burst of sound. Sometimes similar in sound to when you poke someone in a ticklish spot that they can't control.
While caressing your partner, she let out a "squee" of excitement....


You kiss your partner behind the ear and heard a "squee" of pleasure.
by CyberPimp-TheDigitalDon September 13, 2010
A squee, is a projectile female urination.

The sentence, built up from squ-, short for squirt, and -ee, short for wee, also known as urine.

squee = squirting urine.
by Mr. Hibbert October 20, 2008
A sound of fear, as in the comic Squee!
by Pedro Rodriguez August 25, 2003
Personal noun, 1. The greatest girl in the world, aka Kim, also referred to as Momma.
2. A squee ninja, a small harmless ninja that is cute as hell.
3. A Squee bomb, a shot named after Kim containing Blue Curacao, Hpnotiq, Red Bull and a cherry. Chilled.
My Squee is the greatest!
I would like to order a Squee bomb for my Squee
I love my Squee super bunches more!!
by Crazyhorse (Sin) November 27, 2006
squee (skwe-je)

One with high-pitched vocal tendencies

Kathryn Rogers is a squee.
by Gwennyth Vallet April 24, 2006
1. To squeal until you lose continence.
2. A combination of the words "squeal" and "pee".
OMG! PoA is on DVD. SQUEEE!!! Um, pardon me, I need to go change my knickers.
by qwertytigger November 27, 2004
To couch surf, not pay rent, steal from your roommates or otherwise act like a goofy glasses wearing snapper who eats all your food.
"someone squeed all over my couch.""This kid who keeps sleeping here is a total squee, lets kick his ass out staight into the gutter."that kid is such a squee!"
Buttplugg Beaudry
by Buttplugg Beaudry May 07, 2007
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