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A Stick Figure Drawn by Jhonen C. Vasquez. Examples of HNB's speech: "Peas! Peas.Peas.Peas.Peas.Peas.Peas.Peas. Look! David Hasslehoff can fly!"
Happy Noodle boy (the Noodleiod) is a scary stick figure.
by Blitzfisch October 13, 2003
Same Shit/Stuff Different Day

Also, a webcomic by Alan Foreman. Check it out at poisonedmids.com
Damn... skool sucked... it's always SSDD.
by blitzfisch November 20, 2003
A comic series by Jhonen Vasquez. Now put into a Trade Paperback for all of you to own.
"The 3 R's: Repetition, Redundancy, Repetition."
by Blitzfisch October 13, 2003
Lightning fish! ROAR!
The Blitzfisch ate an entire Power Station! Oh My GAWD!
by Blitzfisch October 13, 2003
A vagina. Also called a pussy.
"Poon flows like a river ...once a month."
by Blitzfisch October 13, 2003

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