An albino rodent from Aitrus the Younger's eDanna Age in Myst III Exile
Elaboration would spoil it for those who have yet to play Exile.
by Korora November 12, 2003
The sound made by a metroid.
(a metroid)
by VurtualRuler98 August 17, 2006
see sqee please >< god i suck at spelling
erm... i was trying to spell squee but accidentally put in sqee
by lunarotimas February 28, 2005
Squee is a short term for the word square, or cigarette.
Dude #1: "Yo dude let me get a squee."
Dude #2: "You want a Newport?"
Dude #1: "Fuck that, I'll run up to Circle K and get a pack of Marlboro 27s)
by TyGuy420 March 03, 2008
Personal noun, 1. The greatest girl in the world, aka Kim, also referred to as Momma. 2. A squee ninja, a small harmless ninja that is incredibly cute. 3. A Squee bomb, a shot named after Kim containing Blue Curacao, Hpnotiq, Red Bull and a cherry. Chilled.
My Squee is the greatest!
I would like to order a Squee bomb for my Squee
I love my Squee super bunches more!!
by Crazyhorse (Sin) November 28, 2006
The female equivalent of 'Schwing.'

Damn, that man is fine...squee!
by agent compassion October 27, 2005
A squeegee without a handle.
Hand me that squee so I can wipe this beer up off the gameboy.
by jason March 24, 2005

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