another name for a radish.
After sex I like to snack on a squee.
by Hector November 27, 2004
noun. Something that is really really great but really really sucks at the same time.
A person who kisses great but looks horrible. Or a horror movie that scared the crap out of you in the middle but the ending was too sappy. That's squee.
by Shmanda December 28, 2004
My girl! LOL. *kissy kissy*
I love my Squee! Squee! Squee! hehe disgust Angie! I LOVE MY SQUEE!!!
by Cameron January 04, 2005
Squee refers to a high pitch sound made by over joyed fan girls or kittens. It can also be used to refer to a kitten itself.
Friend: Oh hey look at that kitten over there! Isn't it adorable?
by whitegirlinalexus November 19, 2014

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