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Someone who really likes to party. Popular in southeastern Michigan towns that sit on Lake Huron.
"Man, that was a really dull party til the squazz showed up."
by FooBooFace October 29, 2006
In the ghetto'est manner: The act of yanking, twisting or squeezing of a entities titty or penis.
"You see that asian girl in the pit?"
"yeah dude, that's Pangpang!"
"Damn dogg I'mma go squazz that bitches titty"
"you better shes way to asian for that"
by Matty0187 February 26, 2008
man chowder, jism, spunk, cum, sperm, baby battter

oooh, those internet boobies make me want to squazz my pants right now
by copperfeel May 19, 2008
A carbonated beverage gone flat
After waking up with a hangover, I reached for the nearest bottle. I wound up drinking a mouthful of squazz.
by T. W. Zimmerman March 24, 2004
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