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If you are stunned by a girls/guys beauty. And the "W"ow isn't strong enough. You gotta a it up a few letters "Y."

Alas, Yowerz was created
"Yowerz you see that stud over there?"
"yeah, thats just Mattie everyone loves him"
::along walks ipip::
"yowerz mattie you looking good"
by Matty0187 February 01, 2008
In the ghetto'est manner: The act of yanking, twisting or squeezing of a entities titty or penis.
"You see that asian girl in the pit?"
"yeah dude, that's Pangpang!"
"Damn dogg I'mma go squazz that bitches titty"
"you better shes way to asian for that"
by Matty0187 February 26, 2008

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