1. dull or uncool

2. a dull or uncool person

3. a conventional cigarette

4. to work out one's problems with someone
That square has no idea what he He is saying.
by Light Joker November 05, 2006
a person who has not made out
I knew she was square because all I got was a peck at the end of our amazing date
by Mandy Abbot March 29, 2005
Opposite of groovy. Unlike a round, long-playing vinyl record which has one playable groove on each side, a square record would not track a tone arm and cannot be played. There is no music and no soul in a square record. Something or something square just isn't with it, and lacks fun and liveliness.
Man, you don't dig this music? You are like really square.
by urbanzson July 24, 2009
a cigarette, a smoke, tobacco product.
Pass me a square.

I am going to go smoke a square.
by Shane Cline January 16, 2004
ounce of cocaine
the yola is going for 1200 a square
by fishscale83 April 29, 2010
In reference to individual Toilet Paper squares.
In a bathroom stall with no Toilet Paper, asking the chick in the next stall, "Hey, I'm outta TP. Can you spare a couple squares?"
by crazychrissy March 23, 2007
Very conservative, old fashioned, extremely conforming, not rebellious or supporting a counterculture or rebelling the counterculture in an extreme way
Whitney Houston has pretty square sounding music
by Kyle 230 October 04, 2010

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