Your personal space/location; an area where you stand your ground and keep your composure.
"Nigga! You aint neva knocking me off my square!!"
"She had a fat ol ass, but i kept it cool. I didnt fall off my square"
"Every time I come to class these bullies mofo's try to press my nerves, but i aint neva gonna let them knock me off my square"
by NonCaveDweller March 23, 2014
Someone who is not in the "game" of pimping and hoeing. Drugs usually being apart of that too. Those who are in the "game" consider squares to be uncool/boring. For instance, if you work at a strip club as a dancer and don't have a pimp and don't want one, you are considered a square. Square hoe- someone who prostitutes without a pimp; square- someone who doesn't do any of that. It is a whole sub-culture people don't know about unless they are in it.
You want to be my wifey?
"No girl I'm not interested in that."
What, you aren't a square are you?

"Yeah girl, I have a boyfriend.... I'm not about that life. Just stripping to put my way through school."
by Leah555 October 13, 2013
A slang term meaning Cigarette. Commonly used in the Detroit area.
I just got a new pack of Squares
by Lil' Biscuit July 21, 2011
-A boring, dull person. One who usually falls asleep at 8 0'clock with their dog who slightly resembles that of a wookie. Creates facebook pages for their animals and posts status updates pretending to be them. Comes down with sickness' that aren't common in today's society. Doesn't branch out from changing the pose in their pictures and is often seen drinking the same pussy alcoholic drink that they were "sippin" on last night.

-Someone who hates macs, and often enjoys posting about how much they hate them on facebook. Frequently updates his status with random jokes and sayings no one really cares about. Enjoys leaving their shower towel at your apartment in hopes that you will never see it and really hates when you hate weather men.
Example 1:
Guy:when did you go to the star wars convention?

Girl:Oh, that's just my dog teddy. isn't he cute add him on fb! btw i was sooooooo waisted last night. that sip of sparx really hit the spot!


Example 2:

7:47 p.m.
Guy 1:At the sox game thanks to my best friend nick lets go sox!!!!!!!!!!
8:00 p.m.
Guy 1: Boston red sox awesome game.
8:30 p.m.

by Jesus Christ is here April 29, 2011
Someone who doesn't feverishly dick ride very trend that comes out. Doesn't confuse pop culture with real culture.
Teeniebopper:Did yhu c wht happennd in jeruhzee sure las nite?
Square: Nope. not really a fan of the series.
Teeniebopper:omg, everee wun watches tht show. ur such a skware.

dick rider:Dude, I got like 9000 pairs of vans and skinnez. Counting them seperately.

Square:Wow, thats alot. I got one pair of vans, but I don't wear skinnies.

dick rider:?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?! wtf you don't wear skinniez? fuckin square.

Square:Oh really
by oisdfjsdofijsd January 21, 2011
A lame, uncool, unhip* some say unhep* person. In Jazz music this term first originated as square records *usually given as a sampler or for free at the record stores* that had very stupid tunes on them.
Greg you listen to that shit. You are such a square.
by steelslammer December 01, 2007
A extremely well built person with broad sholders and who you definitely would never mess with
tom: ''joddy told me hes goes to the gym everyday now''

jon: ''i know hes a right square bas**rd now isnt he!!!!''
by john carew August 11, 2009

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