A grilled cheese. Usually ordered at Sonic. Gets it's name from it's shape. Only a grilled cheese made with square bread is called a square.
Cashier: Hi, welcome to sonic, my I take your order?
You: uhhhh yeah can I get two squares and a cherry-lime-ade.

(It's common practice to use a Boston or Chicago accent while ordering.)
by LuckyJester March 14, 2010
Someone out of date or out of touch, can also be someone who clings to repressive, traditional, stereotypical, one-sided, or "in the box" ways of thinking.
Often used in Funk/dance songs from the 70's eg Rick James' Bustin' Out (On Funk) it opens with "Well alright you squares its time to be smoked"
by superfreak09 October 30, 2008
another name for a cigarette given because it is round
Q: "what kind of square you got?" A: "All i smoke is menthols."
by nikia jonez October 19, 2008
another name for a cigarette
yo, let me bum a square?
by greg goncharov May 04, 2007
Someone who is not in the "game" of pimping and hoeing. Drugs usually being apart of that too. Those who are in the "game" consider squares to be uncool/boring. For instance, if you work at a strip club as a dancer and don't have a pimp and don't want one, you are considered a square. Square hoe- someone who prostitutes without a pimp; square- someone who doesn't do any of that. It is a whole sub-culture people don't know about unless they are in it.
You want to be my wifey?
"No girl I'm not interested in that."
What, you aren't a square are you?

"Yeah girl, I have a boyfriend.... I'm not about that life. Just stripping to put my way through school."
by Leah555 October 13, 2013
its a damn cig (usually not a 100)
ay anybody got a square i can bum?
by Indy463 April 27, 2008
1. a ciggarette
2. a person who wont break the rules
1.gotta square
2.dude ur a fucking square
by poop December 08, 2003

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