Very conservative, old fashioned, extremely conforming, not rebellious or supporting a counterculture or rebelling the counterculture in an extreme way
Whitney Houston has pretty square sounding music
by Kyle 230 October 04, 2010
A grilled cheese. Usually ordered at Sonic. Gets it's name from it's shape. Only a grilled cheese made with square bread is called a square.
Cashier: Hi, welcome to sonic, my I take your order?
You: uhhhh yeah can I get two squares and a cherry-lime-ade.

(It's common practice to use a Boston or Chicago accent while ordering.)
by LuckyJester March 14, 2010
another name for a cigarette given because it is round
Q: "what kind of square you got?" A: "All i smoke is menthols."
by nikia jonez October 19, 2008
another name for a cigarette
yo, let me bum a square?
by greg goncharov May 04, 2007
One who has a square or rectangle shaped head.
That Rob Aitken is such a square!
by TheBoss09 December 01, 2009
1. a ciggarette
2. a person who wont break the rules
1.gotta square
2.dude ur a fucking square
by poop December 08, 2003
Someone who is unaware of or oblivious to a specific subculture; one who "doesn't get it." A person afraid to go out of their comfort zone.
On the search for marijuana, Tim asked Fernanda if she knew where he could find some "Mary Jane" but she was such a square she thought Tim was looking for white girl named Mary that worked at Starbucks.
by Poisin October 11, 2014

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