The point in which you are so tired that you begin to act loopy and inebriated.
"I thought Ellen was drunk. It turns out she was just squamish after having pulled an all-nighter."
by The Taminator September 27, 2006
Top Definition
The Area Between Vancouver And Whistler That Has A Mcdonalds and that one guy
We Stopped At Squamish For A Burger On The Way To Whistler
by Chris October 25, 2004
One of the best places ever! Eagle capital and recreation capital of the world! You only have to drive an hour south to shop in vancouver or a half hour north to snow board in whistler. But you get to come back to squamish where everything is great! Climb the Chief, wind surf, see a mixture of city and beautiful wild life. And p.s. Those who say Squamish is just a pitstop between Vancouver and Whistler are actually just ignorant people who drive past the town on the high way. You cant tell how big a town is when you drive around it!
Squamish is the best fricken place on earth!
by becauseido August 31, 2007
The act of snowboarding while high on marijuana
Yo do you guys wanna go Squamish this weekend
by SnowboarderJed February 06, 2010
A word used to describe the state of mind of an idiot.
You going to paint the window?
NO! you squamish fuck!

Jon dont be a squamish fuck!
by jraybz April 06, 2010
Someone who can't stay still.
Me "Midna, you're too squamish today, why?"
Midna "I'm extremely itchy!"
by Pweegue August 11, 2009
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