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The main character in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. She's always riding Wolf-Link.

Dude, Midna is hawt. I'd hit it hard.
by ned pires March 21, 2007
An interloper from the Twilight realm.
She is links assistant in Twilight princess.
She's bossy and devious.
She is known for her strange markings, small size, "naked" appearance, and her mask.

Her true form is more of a human type.
Guy: I'm about to go play Twilight Princess.
Other Guy: Midna is annoying
Guy: You just don't understand her!
by Ezzzzz January 28, 2009
The cute little Twili imp who stars as Link's sidekick in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. She speaks in squeaky gibberish throughout the game and fucks shit up with her orange hair.

A very well-developed and attractive character, but probably the most annoying Zelda sidekick since the infamous Navi.
Midna is a great character, but a fucking annoying sidekick.
by petrie27 July 08, 2011
Princess-turned-imp from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Devious and condescending, but very helpful. Spends most of her time in Link's shadow, due to the fact that she cannot manifest outside of the Twilight realm.

Probably the most tolerable sidekick in the Zelda franchise.
Midna is all the helpfulness of Navi and all the personality of Tatl without all the annoyance.
by Trapped in Amber October 14, 2009
The best Imp ever.

She's from Zelda: Twilight Princess and is awesome!
Midna is the best Zelda character ever!
by Midna! July 20, 2009
The sexiest thing to ever come from the genius mind of Shigeru Miyamoto. She is enticing with her naked look, and her attitude towards Link near the end of the game is rather kinky.
Link: Damn, Midna is Hawt! I'd do her any day!

Zant: Hell yeah! I just wish she didn't hate me...
by Link the Playa January 11, 2011

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