In competitive forensics, to spread is to speak very quickly, esp. in debate rounds.
Jeff: Could you understand what that debater was saying?
Diana: No, he was spreading too quickly.
by bitterspice May 30, 2005
to go out a lot and spend a lot of money for drinks (usually cash).
- Hey man, keen for some drinks tonight?
- Yeah dude, let's spread!
by mahar December 29, 2011
A combination of ramen Noodles, chili cheese fritos, and hot cheetos, loved by all inmates of the adams county detention center in Adams County, CO.
Convict #1 You got any chili fritos?
Convict #2 Yeah
Convict Lets combine our shit to make a spread
by Beat Jackin December 05, 2007
Ones place of habitat;
someones house
Yo, who's spread are we goin to after dis?
by TiNy May 20, 2003
A soup-like mixture of old food (or just random food) mixed in a garbage bag by adding hot water in prison.
Can I get some more hot water for my spread?
by prunedale mom November 17, 2006
A word for the good , bad and everything.
... Don't worry , it's all spready.
Dude you over spread all the time.
by The spreadsters November 06, 2013
going to bed. (as in hitting the bed spread)
I'm exhausted...I'm gonna go hit spreads.
by stmary February 01, 2013
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