someone who you wouldn't mind fucking.
aye my nigga! Megan Good is some spread breh.

-I know she bad af
by Gas Pedal twerk April 07, 2013
The term used for a group of women in much the same way that a group of cattle is called a herd.
"Dude, check out that spread on the other side of the street"
"Not one of those ladies is lower than an 8!"
"I'm going in..."
by DrunkRainbowPig January 22, 2012
when hanging with your boys, any sort of potentially good food, drink, activity, and/or female(s).
Let's go check out the spread on the other boat. I heard they have a dank chicken queso dip.
by The Back Pussy Spread November 16, 2011
A loose term used to refer to money, large area of land, and a farm. But mostly money.
yo, I got mad spreads, son.
by Alex Plus January 28, 2008
describes someone who is attractive or good-looking, someone who is hot, fit etc etc. originated from the word butters or butterz, which describes someone who is considered ugly and/or rough.
"that bands drummer is so damn spread"
"man your mum was looking spread last night"
by jessthough January 21, 2008
To fuck a woman.
Refers to spreading a woman's legs to fuck her.
I would sure like a spread her.
by Judge dredd7 January 08, 2012

A workplace meal provided by a client to a business. Usually in a service related industry. Could range from the small "spread" like a Munchkins and Coffee, to the larger spreads such as a catered affair.

Also, a meal provided by employer.
Employee 1: "Hey guys, you gotta see this spread! It's in the break-room. They've got chicken, rib tips, mashed potatos, and Mac and Cheese!"

Employee 2: "Sh*t, I better get there before the line gets thick! LATER!"
by JasoRobi January 24, 2008
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