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Professional Kool Guy

1) Noun: The perfect combination of smoothness and style in a person. Often portrayed in movies such as The Matrix. When someone is called “a” PKG, normally “a” is omitted and the person is simply PKG.

2) Noun: The highest pimp-status, gained after 500 or more sex partners.
0-100: G
100-500: KG
500-undefined: PKG

3) Adjective: When the actions of a person are notably agreeable to his friends.
I guess Keanu Reeves was PKG in The Matrix but Christian Bale took him to school in Equilibrium.

Wilt Chamberlain had sex with 20,000 women! He is PKG.

“I tipped 100 cows in one night!”
Dude that shit is PKG!!!”
by Saul March 26, 2005
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