The scatter profile of a chromosome karyotype on a microscopic slide. Well spread chromosomes enable the karyologist to count and pair the chromosomes, and classify the organism to species level.
Bob: I was looking at your karyotype slides. I must say you got pretty good spreads.
Jane: Thanks, I dropped the cells from two feet up!
Bob: As they say, "Happiness is a good spread," I hope you get good G-banded karyotypes.
by A Kumirai October 05, 2006
To be a super hero with powers that consist of spreading nutella on bread and being known as Fred, therefore Spread which is latin for princess.
Oi spread save the day, o wait you cant ur useless
by Swoopboy February 10, 2009
word describing you are going to tell someone something
"tell everyone to meet at 9 o clock"

"ok I'm gonna spread that"
by guardian October 24, 2003
Spread meaning "I'm leaving",or "get outta here."
"yeooo how about you spread the fuck out".or "ayo ima spread"
by McflyStacks December 02, 2007
A collection of credit cards, usually
stolen, and usually from the same person, with the intent to illegally use it or sell it to others.
"Vanessia be layin' up in the motel with a whole motherfuckin' bunch of spreads."
by Newby2 December 27, 2007
To separate (noun) evenly, or fairly evenly. This adjective has almost unlimited uses.
Woman spread= spread legs to see pussy.
by Gumba Gumba March 21, 2004
A hand rolled cannabis cigarette
Shall I wrap up a spread?
by Guano Biscuit September 27, 2007

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