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Pornographic items, creatures, or actions created in the video game Spore.
Richard really loves Sporn!!!
by R-Carr June 16, 2008
Sporn is a pornographic image created or employed in the Maxxis evolution sim game, Spore. The term is a combination of "spore" and "porn."

Coined by Pile at
Have you seen the latest sporn? Some guy created a creature called "boobzilla."
by Mark BSA June 19, 2008
Creatures created in the game Spore that look like pornographic images. While Maxis/EA tries to remove what they find, much of it slips under the radar and ends up in your Spore game, or in the Sporepedia, the database for creatures made in Spore.
Example 1. As Ted scanned the Sporepedia for new creatures for his game, he came across a lot of penismen, also known as Sporn.

Example 2. When Frank reached the Space phase of the game, most of the planets he found were populated with Sporn.
by Ayong June 28, 2008
spore porn
wow! look at those mushrooms sporning!!! have you ever seen something so beautiful in your entire life??
by marissa December 14, 2003
Spammed Porn to your email account.
Man, I checked out my email last night, and it was full of sporn. Hard to find the important stuff.
by DjLimitless1 April 29, 2011
Spoon and Fork misused when you put them together.

An often mistake when you speak too fast.
"I found some more Sporns in the dishwasher! wait , Sporns?!"
by AngeliqueRose July 31, 2008
When people on websites spam porn on comments or their profile pic.
God damnit, im tired of seeing these homos posting their gay sporn.
by urmom675467548 April 23, 2010
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