When you have a spoon to pleasure someone by inserting it in to their anal cavity and removing any substances within, then proceeding to feed it to them (sometimes with force). This can also be used to clean out any rectal clots or clumps, before anal sex (though the feeding still takes place).
Dude! i got caught spooning that girl right after i forked her!
Whats forking?
you do NOT wanna know...

Hey wanna have anal sex?
Sure let me get my spoon.
by Ryedawg25@CelticS May 04, 2011
The act of one person shoving a spoon up the other person's arse. This is preferable to a similar practice called forking.
Uncle Pete was only in prison one day before he had a good spooning.
by Ike&Tina October 20, 2009
where a man (usually a very tall man) with the use of a verybig spoon churns milk to make cheese.
francise was spooning cheese last summer
by Brof Brofferson March 03, 2009
when someone can't complete a video game by themselves and needs help every step of the way. says they can do it by themselves but when left to it, immediately asks for help, usually on obvious parts that everyone doesn't even need to think about.derives from the term 'spoon fed', brought about by Andy Stokes.
"how do i get him up there"
"Spooning !!"
by randomness051 February 07, 2009
Getting a spoon shoved up your rectum.
Ashley+black man with all his drunk white buddies=spooning up the ass (Spoon in the butt) or (Black man shoves spoon in females rectum)
by Sir Digims June 16, 2010
spooning is like cudding with a teddy bear,only the bear is alive!
if spooning isn't warm,you're doing it with a dead body.
by Kaitlyn C. August 06, 2008
An emotional hug from behind in the stand up possition. the hug lets two people fit together like spoons
I love spooning with my friends.
by chopz August 19, 2006
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