The art of strategically balancing one or more spoons on the tip of your nose or your face. Ultimately, it is a spoon balancing act.
"Lets do some spooning!"


*balances spoon on nose*

by iknowweknowUNO October 31, 2011
the acr of an individual stabbing another with a spoon.
he kept spooning me in the chest.
by anonimouze May 17, 2009
can mean different things: when a couple lays together like spoons in a kitchen drawer; when lovers kiss or caress each other (more often referred to the neck); and also dating back to the old Welsh customs when a man gives his fiancee an elaboratly carved wooden spoon showing his affection for her.
I just had a conversation with my husband about this, I always wondered why they didn't call it forking!! "Hey baby, let's go fork, LOL"
by Stephanie Everett May 22, 2005
The act of taking a spoon and smacking a person you'd prefer not be in acquaintances with.
Lynn: Hey Stupid Nobody
Me: Ew I don't like you *begins spooning Lynn*
by ocb2000 December 13, 2014
The art of forging or carving spoons.

A silver or iron spoon would be melted before put in a spoon shaped mold were it would be left to cool.

A wooden spoon is thus carved from a small piece of wood and applied with a wooden finish generaly.

One who makes spoons in any form would be a spooner.
I have a friend whose name is Edgar, he is a spooner.
He graduated with a degree from a metalworking institute in Spooning.
Putting excessive amounts of spoons in somebody's bed...
Person 1 "What the fuck is this in my bed?"

Person 2 "YOU JUST GOT SPOONED!!!!!"

Person 3 "Spooning is fucking amazing..."
by anonymous derp July 29, 2011
When you're smoking a joint and half is lit but the other half goes off and looks like a spoon. Can be triggered by smoking in windy places
Hey Chris would you pass me a lighter? my joint is spooning again!
by spooningsabitch November 04, 2010
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