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The art of strategically balancing one or more spoons on the tip of your nose or your face. Ultimately, it is a spoon balancing act.
"Lets do some spooning!"


*balances spoon on nose*

by iknowweknowUNO October 31, 2011
30 44
where the guy lays in front of the girl and ignores the girl because she's too hot and uncomfortable to lay with
im done, let's just keep spooning now ie. i go to sleep and you happen to be sleeping behind me
by bojodojo June 12, 2011
92 106
When you have a spoon to pleasure someone by inserting it in to their anal cavity and removing any substances within, then proceeding to feed it to them (sometimes with force). This can also be used to clean out any rectal clots or clumps, before anal sex (though the feeding still takes place).
Dude! i got caught spooning that girl right after i forked her!
Whats forking?
you do NOT wanna know...

Hey wanna have anal sex?
Sure let me get my spoon.
by Ryedawg25@CelticS May 04, 2011
16 30
The act of cuddling together with the little spoon's (the smaller person) back touching the larger spoon's (bigger person) chest. Excellent for establishing physical intimacy. It is a good idea for the big spoon to rub the little spoon's shoulder while spooning.
Mark was spooning his boyfriend as a prerequisite to making love.
by MF & HJ February 24, 2011
57 71
When you're smoking a joint and half is lit but the other half goes off and looks like a spoon. Can be triggered by smoking in windy places
Hey Chris would you pass me a lighter? my joint is spooning again!
by spooningsabitch November 04, 2010
14 28
The act of eating yoghurt out of a woman's vagina.
Samantha: Woah, my friend told me he was spooning his wife!
Philip: That's fucking stupid.
by Spaghetti911 November 18, 2013
4 19
Eleven people in a bed with their socks off.
Bob - "Hey man, call up 9 whores and let's all spoon?"

Bill - "I'll get right on that dude, I love spooning."

Bob - "Radical."
by AFishMan December 04, 2011
7 22