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a game played by teenagers, played with plastic spoons. someone pokes another person with a spoon and yells "i spooned you!"
can also be palyed with forks, but then is "forking".
kid- *pokes with spoon*
other kid- *cries* stop spooning me!
by emilyinsanity April 15, 2008
everything that is good, great, fine, off the chain.
"That booty is spooning bitach"
by Spooningbiatch August 18, 2008
putting a spoon in someones pocket while they are not looking. if the victom doesnt catch you, you have successfully spooned the person. if the victom does catch you, you loose you spoon.
spooner:*puts spoon in victom pocket*
victom:*doesnt notice*
random kid: dude uve just been spooned
victom: shit
spooner: *puts spoon in victoms pocket*
victom: *turns around and grabs spoon*
spooner: damnit
by computerfreak May 13, 2007
Penis is against ass..and you lay like spoons in a box yo.
Some fag used to yell "WANNA SPOON?" to me all the time at recess. Goodbye. Im not spooning!
by Mecca January 08, 2006
the act of a man or woman lying behind a man or woman so they fit together like spoons
yeah me and joey were spooning all night.
by heheheheheheheeeeehheh January 20, 2009
Popularly considered to be a sexual position where both partners lay on their sides facing the same way, the giving partner penetrating the receiving partner from behind. This definition however is inaccurate, as a good friend of mine once inserted a spoon into his girlfriend's vagina, and then set the table with said spoon placed at his father's seating place.
"Phillip enjoys spooning Elizabeth"
by Spongemonkey January 03, 2006
when all girls lie together facing the same way
type 1: clothed
type 2: unclothed
At soccer tournaments my teammates and i have spooning parties.
by oshlivia November 26, 2006