A way of referring to a highly intelligent and calm person. Usually a compliment.
"Wow, that guy is a real Spock, I thought he'd never be able to finish that code in time."
by Athene Airheart March 14, 2004
v. 1. To make a joke online that is then taken far too seriously by a reader, who corrects the factual nature of your humor. 2. To see something online that is intended to be humorous, and then proceed to correct its factual shortcomings. n. A person who repeatedly misses online jokes and proceeds to correct their factual shortcomings.
1. "megatroll kept spocking me, so I unfriended him and banned him from my journal."

3. "Yeah, he's a great guy most of the time, but he can turn into a real spock."
by atilla April 14, 2005
A wack nigga with mad flava. And ears like a tropical elf.
I got a glock, wit my man Spock...
by Commitment Elvis February 11, 2009
Vb. 1)to spock. This involves for fingers and a lady of your choice. While making the Vulcan sign with your fingers(ie a V shape, 2 on the left and 2 on the right), slowly insert two fingers inside the anal passage and 2 inside the vagina. Then slowly penetrate firmly but briskly in a repeated action while whispering "Who's ur captain Kirk"
"This bitch was pure filth, she not only wanted me to spunk in her mouth, She wanted a SPOCK!!!"
by Dan November 25, 2003
Socks with Pee in them, usually occures after a case of punderware
1st I got punderware, and after it ran down my leg I developed spocks
by Tim B January 09, 2004
when a man inserts his pointer finger and middle finger in the womens virgina, coinciding with his ring finger and pinky in the womens anus.
"honey spock me. oh yes spock me good!"
by guerrilla Dingaling November 07, 2011
Sperm and cock.
Person: Omg, I love Spock the most from Star Trek!
You: LOL
by loopyunicorn November 02, 2011
Instead of two in the pink and one in the stink, its two in the pink and two in the stink. And when done spocking you say "Live Long and Prosper."
Casey-"You bang her last night?"
Sam- "Nope. I just spocked her."
by Dirty Santas March 05, 2011

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