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The water that hits you in the ass when you're taking a shit.
It took me a half a roll of toilet paper to dry off my ass after that splunker!
by Grondinelli January 24, 2009
30 11
A word used to replace another.
Normally given to the person you love.
Derek is such a splunker.
by Sara22 December 22, 2007
7 10
someone who splunk'd another by taking their private info and exposing it for the world to see.
Abdul splunk'd MSN's search data so any splunker can find 'tranny sex' queries.
by Trans-Dre O'Dools August 22, 2006
16 19
when a man (or a woman) stand over another woman (or man with big ass titties) and shit in between her/his cleavage.
Joey Nurnberg loves to give Peter Petis Splunkers.
by rayzizal May 08, 2004
17 23
when a man shits between a womans breast (in her cleavage)
In their spare time, peter pettis and his mother exchange splunkers
by peter pettis's car blows June 01, 2004
9 25
When a person shits into another persons cleavage
chris james gave ray large a mad splunker in his basement
by jon May 19, 2004
4 21