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the Art of milking a yak with your weakest hand, many people take their entire lives to perfect this art, others take their lives just finding out what the fuck it means.
Typical Chinese:In order to find true enlightenment you must splink
DoucheLOL: Y0 doode what is teh splinking and shiet
Typical Chinese:Shut your filthy bitch mouth and find out yourself you lazy cockslice!
by Brunstwig March 03, 2013
The act of repeatedly bashing somebody with your gun in a video game while t bagging someone and jumping up and down.
Gamer 1: Hey look XX TypicalGT XX just killed someone
Gamer 2: ohh dude he is splinking all over him.
by MR. RM May 21, 2009
When a person repeatedly blinking while talking.
O he's splinking so much I can't here him
by tias mama November 29, 2015
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