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v. - to accidentally and unintentionally defecate while expelling intestinal gas from the anus.

v. - to flatulate in combination with an emphatic splat caused by the additional excrement of fecal matter.

n. - a combination of flatus and feces expelled through the anus.

n. - an experience of an unintended evacuation of the bowel of a fluid nature during the act of flatulence.

(blend of splat and flatulence)
1. Certain kinds of food have been known to cause/result in splatulence if a bathroom is not nearby.

2. I ran and ran and ran, but I didn't make it in time and I splatulated all over my pants!
by Lizzy Rosenshine November 30, 2007
When you cum and fart at the same time
Jane thinks splatulence is sexy as fuck.
by stinkfist1979 July 26, 2011