A large possetting performed by a baby. Projected rather than dripping. Not to be confused with Splick, a much lesser form. A Splack is easily differered from a splick by the noise as it hits a solid floor.
oh no, Baby has Splacked!
by JPMAY October 15, 2007
A term used for fake gangsta wannabes who think they can dance. The term splack my only be used if: they are dancing like spasdics; put on fake gangsta accents and come from england (mainly london); and use words such as 'blood', 'bro' and 'respect'.
"Have you seen that splack on youtube? He's dancing like a right spasdic"
by Nathan the great!!! March 06, 2008
To strike someone with the flat side of a shovel.
You don't hep me dig this hole, ima splack you!
by Jonmark Pierce March 01, 2004
Semen; ejaculation aimed at the face and whose namesack is tdrawn from the sound the fluid makes as it hits skin.

Verb: To ejaculate onto someone.
Noun: She is just waiting for my splack.

Verb: I was so annoyed at the infrequency of our sex, that I splacked all over her face.
by Quagbert February 29, 2004
The urban opposite of, and companion to, the Subgenius' "Slack". An all-encompassing force of primal, idiotic space energy; love/hate for earth, human and machine.
"The common man must have Splack, and have it more abundantly."

"Give the people Splack, and let them find their own way."
by DeeeEsss October 10, 2003
load of cum usually associated with the male orgasm, generally directed towards the bitches face.
I splacked all over your sisters face, dude!
by Steve January 06, 2003
Exclamation, usually said in a falsetto voice. Comes from the sound one hears after intercepting a pass in Madden, and other related football games. Is now used as an all purpose sound effect.
So he finally gets out of his chair, winds up, and SPLACK, hits him in the back of the freakin head with a freakin 3-hole-punch.
by Logan March 27, 2005
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