A term used to identify a stolen car.
Damn Cory where we gonna drop the swap out of that splack?
by Funnay dude August 21, 2009
To fight someone
Yo I'ma splack that nigga
by AC September 26, 2003
v. or n.-depending on usage.
When having intercourse, as the action heightens, the splack is the sound that the two bodies make as they come together with excessive force. Not to be confused with "smacking that ass," splacking is a sound of body parts "smacking" together.

Also, they act of really "hitting it hard" or "putting it on her" as they often say, which amounts to having some really furious sex.
All I know is that this girl is crazy and tonight I'm gonna splack that ass!!
by WestCoastCowboy July 12, 2011
the partaking in sexual intercourse with the opposite sex.
Elex: Damn! Ima splack dat ass yo!
by ElexandAllie May 18, 2003
to hrut someone really bad
man kemmy was bout to slpack dat hoe on the train
by day May 24, 2003
A hispanic person who illegally entered the states and acts like a black person. (Spik + Black)
El Jeffe: "Yo dawg where them hoes be, g?"
Chris: "Nigga shut the fuck up and stop actin like a splack!"
by skrilla nilla deala March 04, 2005
to get in between; sexual act
yo im gonna splack those thighs
by cashmonkey August 08, 2003

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