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4 definitions by ElexandAllie

To be slapped with the back of one's left hand after blabbering a incoherent thought.
Elex: Allie, do you think corn would go good with cereal?
Allie: *Pimpdified*
Elex: *gets up off ground*
Elex: Ouch.. That hurt
by ElexandAllie May 18, 2003
the partaking in sexual intercourse with the opposite sex.
Elex: Damn! Ima splack dat ass yo!
by ElexandAllie May 18, 2003
a stupid ass person with no common sense.

also known as a moron.
Allie: Elex, why do you keep eating soap?
Elex: Cuz I'm a munf.
by ElexandAllie May 18, 2003
when the sexual urge has gotten so bad, one is willing to substitute the vagina with a rubber glove, lotion, warm water, and the new kenny g mixed tape.
"damn i'm horny, if this girl dont hurry up and get over here, i'm getting out the gloves."
by ElexandAllie May 18, 2003