Slang for the term to rap out a rhyme.
Man that fool can't spit shit.
by GIGGLES March 05, 2005
To expectorate.

This action is done by baseball pitchers to indicate that they are indeed on the mound.

It is done by inner city hoodlums as a sign of contempt, and as an indicator of their feeble intellect.

And it is done by cowboys as they gallantly open the door of a pickup truck for a lady.

As you walk past the open door of a public men's room, you can hear men hawking and spitting. As you walk past the open door of a public ladies' room, you cannot. Nobody has a good explanation of this phenomenon. Suffice it to say, spitting is a man's practice. Not even low life women spit much.
Pete opened the door of his pickup for Sara Sue. As she was getting out, he spit on the street between her feet. "Oh, such a gentleman," she said.
by Bumkicker Slade May 10, 2005
To say your knowledge about your set
Yo spit me that knowledge.
by YouAlreadyNo April 29, 2009
to hit on someone, to try and get some
i spit game with that hot chick over there but she shot me down.
by Anonymous March 24, 2003
Slampiece In Training. Woman who can make an average sandwich for her dude and give him a decent bj, but has not mastered either concept.
Trisha can make a mean PB & J, but I'd rather she make me a turkey ciabatta while blowing me, what a SPIT. Maybe some day she will graduate to a perfect slampiece.
by Stanley Hudson7 February 04, 2011
Two men having sex with one woman at the same time, one from the back and one from the front ( giving a bj)- like a pig on a spit roast.
Bro, Sanita got chucked on the spit. Respect to the guys that did that

0800 spit roast - sanita's number
by jet June 19, 2006
To rap. During a rap, saliva can gather up in an MC's mouth and cause him to spit, which may be the intention in the event of a battle.

The best MC's spit lava.
"Ya'll spit saliva and I spit lava!" - Ice Cube
by BluntMastaFlash February 15, 2012

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