that a gun shoots many bullets rapidly
damn that ak-47 spits
by Nelson January 17, 2005
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the runny, cumfilled shit you get after having ass sex.

spooge + shit = spits.
he fucked me in the ass last night and ive had the spits all day.
by flo327 February 26, 2009
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what wussies say to replace shit
oh, spit! I forgot my pencil!
by false_freedom March 02, 2005
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to be clever,exciting and powerful in the way you deliver your words and without any preparation.
either in music
or when speaking to women
Dru Down, "Pimp of the year"

"...cause all the game that spit is good shit, and the shit that i spit made me rich..."
by 195677453 July 09, 2005
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Nickname given to the Supermarine Spitfire, a British WWII Interceptor that made a name for itself throughout the entire conflict.
The Spits broke formation to engage the He 111s before they could drop thier bombs on London.
by JonathanChance September 30, 2003
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verb- to flirt with, almost to the point of being excessive

exclamation- when somebody is being flirted with, usually yelled out by an onlooker
Person 1: "She is spittin' mad game on that foreign kid!"
Person 2: "Well, he's hot, so I don't blame her."

Boy: "Yeah, the bassist isn't bad looking, but I don't know why you're looking at him when you've got me right here."
Girl: "That would be fair, but you've got your hands in your pockets when you could have them around me."
Some guy: "SPITTT!"
by Germerican November 26, 2010
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when one raps about some normal everyday thing off the top of their head, like soda or a hair brush

it's usually pretty lame and crappy, with profound use of coarse language and the word "yo"

lots of white kids think they can spit when they really can't
Juan: dude why is that white guy over there cursing about his socks?
Andre: he thinks he can spit...
Juan: oh what a poser tard
by Tyler Schrader December 20, 2008
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