spit that shit out son
by Kinghaole February 25, 2009
n. A wad of chewing tobacco or dip.
"Hey man, I could sure use a spit a copenhagen right now"

"Can I get a spit a skoal offa you"
by Z Ellmo September 08, 2006
to talk to a member of the opposite sex in a provocative way. also see holla
Matt- wut dimes you been spittin at?
Coty- only the ones who get low at the club!
by cRAcK poT May 01, 2005
that a gun shoots many bullets rapidly
damn that ak-47 spits
by Nelson January 17, 2005
a kickass kittie song and the name of their debut album
"You trusted the devil, she will betray you"
by Rikku December 20, 2004
To freestyle/rap. A slang used in the hood, or ghetto.
"Yo dawg, spit a rhyme for us"
by Anonymous October 11, 2003
What women do if they won’t swallow.
"I know it's good for me but I'm just gonna have to spit.."
by Esteban Lorenzo August 19, 2003

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