A word or phrase that a particular person is well known for using.
Person A: "I totally made that word up!"
Person B: "Yeah, right why do you have to steal my spit like that?"
by Solidus55 June 03, 2009
For three people to engage in a sexual act, in which a male or female is in the "doggy" style position. And one male is doing the individual in the middle from behind, whilst the other is copping oral pleasure.
Example 1: "Me and Ricky put this dirty mutt on spit last night in Jubilee"

Example 2: "That chick gives great blow jobs man, and Ricky said she has a tight pipe"
by Travis Dere March 04, 2008
"Tips" spelled backwards.
"Yo, Jim, you get spit on by that table?"

"Like shit. They spit me $3.50 on a $60 tab."
by fmgate June 08, 2006
1. A card-game played by two people whereby each opponent tries to lose all their cards.
2. A code-word for sex, used with other card-game related code words such as cards
Let's play spit!!
How about a game of spit??
by Katie March 30, 2004
i spit in your face
by frenchie April 24, 2003
what wussies say to replace shit
oh, spit! I forgot my pencil!
by false_freedom March 02, 2005
when a chik iz either gettin it in the ass or pussy whilst sukin off another guy, therefore lookin like a pig on a spit(rotisery thingy)
me and my mate took turns at her holes whilst we had her on the spit
by Good Thumb June 05, 2007

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