when one raps about some normal everyday thing off the top of their head, like soda or a hair brush

it's usually pretty lame and crappy, with profound use of coarse language and the word "yo"

lots of white kids think they can spit when they really can't
Juan: dude why is that white guy over there cursing about his socks?
Andre: he thinks he can spit...
Juan: oh what a poser tard
by Tyler Schrader December 20, 2008
Two men having sex with one woman at the same time, one from the back and one from the front ( giving a bj)- like a pig on a spit roast.
Bro, Sanita got chucked on the spit. Respect to the guys that did that

0800 spit roast - sanita's number
by jet June 19, 2006
To rap. During a rap, saliva can gather up in an MC's mouth and cause him to spit, which may be the intention in the event of a battle.

The best MC's spit lava.
"Ya'll spit saliva and I spit lava!" - Ice Cube
by BluntMastaFlash February 15, 2012
The act of taking a small hit from a bong or pipe and coughing violently without moving the piece away from one's mouth.
Once he lit the bowl he started to inhale the smoke but he spit it as soon as the smoke hit his throat, wasting the hit.
by WeedWords April 04, 2012
the runny, cumfilled shit you get after having ass sex.

spooge + shit = spits.
he fucked me in the ass last night and ive had the spits all day.
by flo327 February 26, 2009
n. A wad of chewing tobacco or dip.
"Hey man, I could sure use a spit a copenhagen right now"

"Can I get a spit a skoal offa you"
by Z Ellmo September 08, 2006
to talk to a member of the opposite sex in a provocative way. also see holla
Matt- wut dimes you been spittin at?
Coty- only the ones who get low at the club!
by cRAcK poT May 01, 2005

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