Popular grafitti tag. Inspired by the character Spit from the urban movie Beat Street, who would spray "spitspitspitspit..." in crude cursive script over the entire city (including the protagonist's murals).
There was a beautiful mural sprayed onto that train car, but Spit got their right away and tagged it "spitspitspitspit..."
by TreeWeezel October 31, 2011
verb- to flirt with, almost to the point of being excessive

exclamation- when somebody is being flirted with, usually yelled out by an onlooker
Person 1: "She is spittin' mad game on that foreign kid!"
Person 2: "Well, he's hot, so I don't blame her."

Boy: "Yeah, the bassist isn't bad looking, but I don't know why you're looking at him when you've got me right here."
Girl: "That would be fair, but you've got your hands in your pockets when you could have them around me."
Some guy: "SPITTT!"
by Germerican November 26, 2010
A euphemism for shit.
May be used as a quick save when you're obviously going to swear and then notice your parents are *standing right there.*
Holy spit!
I spit in your eye!
That's the spit...
by Sel June 13, 2004
To rap.
Rhymes I be spittin
by cameo March 12, 2003
The act of taking a small hit from a bong or pipe and coughing violently without moving the piece away from one's mouth.
Once he lit the bowl he started to inhale the smoke but he spit it as soon as the smoke hit his throat, wasting the hit.
by WeedWords April 04, 2012
To rap. During a rap, saliva can gather up in an MC's mouth and cause him to spit, which may be the intention in the event of a battle.

The best MC's spit lava.
"Ya'll spit saliva and I spit lava!" - Ice Cube
by BluntMastaFlash February 15, 2012
the runny, cumfilled shit you get after having ass sex.

spooge + shit = spits.
he fucked me in the ass last night and ive had the spits all day.
by flo327 February 26, 2009

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