Sex move in which When the guy’s cock is so big it breaks the girl’s spine and paralyzes her
I gave that ho the Spinal tap!
by JBut November 24, 2007
The sexual act of penetrating some hoes ass. Upon entry she becomes paralized.
Sandra asked me to put it in her butt, so I was like why the fuck not. Next thing you know the bitch went limp and started drooling on the fucking bed. I said fuck this, snatched her tv, and got the fuck out!
by Griz November 22, 2004
When Satan rips inside a body grabbing its spine and running his hand up and down it, thus breaking off all ribs and damaging several internal organs
Would you rather have a job well done, or a spinal tap? If you don't answer we get to kick you in the balls 10 times each.
by Slut December 05, 2004
when fucking a dry scratchy asshole with no lube, wrap one arm around the girl and brace the other arm across her back. Quickly jerk the arms together breaking her spine in two all while breaking the skin so that her spinal fluid leaks down the small of her back into her ass, thus giving you lube to wet up her dry butthole
this girls ass was so dry and i forgot to bring my lube, so i gave her a spinal tap and her spinal fluid worked like magic!
by ?... October 22, 2007
The act of pressing together your love partner's shoulder blades, and then having sex with the new crevice. To titie fuck someones back, essintially.
I don't know why, but for some reason I had to spinal tap that bitches shoulder blades.
by rotchca June 08, 2006
Besides the band, to fuck a woman (or man, if you prefer) so hard their back gets hurt/broken.
I'd spinal tap that ass.
by Adrian March 01, 2008
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