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BLOODY GREAT 'rockumentory' called 'This is Spinal Tap - basically its about a fictional English Heavy Metal band called Spinal Tap (no!!!) who include Nigel Tufnel (guitar) Derek Smalls (bass)and David St. Hubbins (guitar) and a range of 15 drummers who all died. One in and 'unfortunate gardening accident' and another 'spontanoeusly combusted' on stage leaving nothing but a green blob on his seat, on their 'Smell the Glove' tour. Bit of Sex Pistols, and a bit of every 80's hair metal bands EVER. I would be here 4eva talking about it so GO RENT/BUY IT AND WATCH IT!!!!!!
Does for rock and roll what "The Sound of Music" did for hills
by heehee July 29, 2004
U FOOL spinal tap is a ROCKumaentary (rocking documentary) AS WELL AS MOCKumentary (mock documantary) ANYWAY...Spinal tap is BRILLIANT! meat too big for the sandwich, cucumbers in tin foil in the pants....remote guitar amps that pick up airline signals, a gig at a puppet show, a 3 piece guitar solo.From the 18 inch stonehenge to the amp that goes to 11. pure rock genius....
"Talk about mudflaps, my girl's got 'em")
by heehee July 29, 2004
Jack Sparrow...... HAHAHAHAHAHA BUT WHY IS THE RUM GONE????? makes piracy romantic!!! i bet potc2 is gunna crap it up with his children and father...
'Elizabeths safe just like i promised, shes all set to marry Norrington like she promised and you get to die for her like you promised...so we're all men of our word really...except Elizabeth, as she is, in fact, a woman...'
by heehee July 29, 2004
Animal chin is a symbol of fun and happiness and sometimes skateboarding
"have you seen animal chin" " ? "
by heehee June 02, 2004
Where the Pagans worship the sun on the Solstices. Also where virgins crawled through the stones to see who they will marry. Has an 'alter stone' and a 'heel stone'
No one knows who built stonehenge or even exactly when.
Spinal Tap (see This is spinal tap have a song about stonehenge and wanted a lifesize statue of a stonehenge stone 2 add atmoshphere to the show...but Nigel got the measurements wrong and instead of having a 18 foot stone they had and 18 inch stone which was in danger of being crushed by a dwarf.
derek) one question...
manager) yes?
derek) are we doing stonehenge tomorrow?
by heehee July 29, 2004
A maniacal alien prone to violent and unexplainable tendencies which endanger human beings in the vicinity. Most recently sighted threatening a human with fire -- beware at all costs!!
Stay away from chooon.
by heehee October 06, 2004
no def. given due to Jeff P.(you know who you are) would be offended
You fucking prick bastard
by heehee April 06, 2005

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