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A term used in the 3rd Person Shooter, Gears of War.

A "Spiderman" is the act of getting a headshot on your opponent while they are in the last 2/3 of their roll, making it appear as if your opponent is doing a headstand.

Mostly done with the Sniper, but also uncommonly can be done with a Shotgun and a Pistol.
In GoW2, Torque Bow is capable of this headshot as well.

Origin is not known but many speculate that it was coined "Spiderman" because the actual character, Spiderman, hangs upside down when suspended from a web.
BLaacKeN: Dude this homo wallbounces and dives like he has an STD.
I cant believe he actu- OMFG!! GET FUCKING SPIDERMANNED, KID!!
He wont be diving anyyyymore.

trevasco: Haha, That's 3 times this game for that kid.
I'd quit right NOW.
by BLaacKeN March 09, 2010
getting drawn on by other people when you pass out at a party. the design they draw is like spiderman.
She got so drunk and passed out on the couch so we spidermanned her.
by spiderman-er June 22, 2010
Breast enlargement for a movie role.
What Kirsten Dunst had done for the movie Spiderman.

She had her boobies spidermanned.
by Tex April 17, 2004
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