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A term used in the 3rd Person Shooter, Gears of War.

A "Spiderman" is the act of getting a headshot on your opponent while they are in the last 2/3 of their roll, making it appear as if your opponent is doing a headstand.

Mostly done with the Sniper, but also uncommonly can be done with a Shotgun and a Pistol.
In GoW2, Torque Bow is capable of this headshot as well.

Origin is not known but many speculate that it was coined "Spiderman" because the actual character, Spiderman, hangs upside down when suspended from a web.
BLaacKeN: Dude this homo wallbounces and dives like he has an STD.
I cant believe he actu- OMFG!! GET FUCKING SPIDERMANNED, KID!!
He wont be diving anyyyymore.

trevasco: Haha, That's 3 times this game for that kid.
I'd quit right NOW.
by BLaacKeN March 09, 2010
A phrase used in Shooter type games that involve Grenades.

Usually a randomly thrown Grenade that seems to come out of nowhere and kill you.
Upon watching the "Killcam" you discover the Grenade bounced off 4 different walls before finally detonating directly where you are.

Sometimes followed by a "Rage Quit".
BLaacKeN: Watch this nade spot FTW. I bet i get a double.

*throws nade*
*nade kills trevasco on the other side of the map*

trevasco: Wow where the fuck did that shit come from?!

*watches killcam*

trevasco: Yeah i WOULD get hit with a Jesus Nade.
Thanks alot Infinity Ward. Way to fuck up.

"trevasco left the game"
by BLaacKeN March 09, 2010
A player in Gears of War who gets online around 11am and plays Execution on Canals until around 12pm Midnight.
If the player just HAPPENS to play a ranked match, all he does is grabs the Sniper and blindfires at the enemy.
If an All-Star does not get the Sniper in time, he usually quits.
All-Stars like to brag about their subs on YouTube and who is on their friends list.
All-Stars are cocky because they seem to think they're famous with their meaningless, made-up clans that people pay to get into.
Recently, A large amount of All-Stars have been reported to quit GoW for Mw2 in hopes of a new fun. These people usually come back to GoW within 2-5 days.
A lot of All-Stars claim to have original gamertags even though it's the complete opposite.
A lot of All-Stars think its cool to have Juniors, Minis, Lils, and Misses of themselves.
Juniors are just a bunch of sad little kids trying to get "known".
An All-Star is easy to spot. They will usually have an "MLG" gamertag, and a tricked-out bio.
All-Stars favorite words and phrases are:
Random, Fake, Hater, Dick rider, Get lucky, Get raped, I'm not trying, Get carried, Get pooped on, etc.
A notable All-Star is a player named "ITS MiLkBoNe"
He has over 500 videos on YouTube of JUST 1v1's, 2v2's, and 3v3's.
He is one who has claimed to quit GoW only to come back within a few days.
He is the leader of the clan, ITS.
He lives under middle bridge on Canals.
His clan members live in other various parts of Canals.
ITS BLeeZyy IIx: Ayy, who's this randy pandy?
BLaacKeN: Your cool, Sniper match All-Star.
ITS BLeeZyy IIx: Hop off ma dick, kid!
BLaacKeN: You started talking to me, retard.

*round starts*

*Bleezy takes an 11th bullet Superman to the dome*
"ITS BLeeZyy IIx has left the game"
by BLaacKeN March 17, 2010
A term used in the 1st Person Shooter, Call of Duty.

A Dropshot is a technique when you move your character into prone position while firing to evade incoming bullets and ultimately kill the opponent.

It is used by more experienced players,
Although some good players tend to talk down on a player who uses the Dropshot.

When used correctly, the Dropshot is very effective because your opponent sometimes will not see you go prone due to their gun obscuring their view.

For best results for attempting a Dropshot, the button layout, "Tactical", should be set.
This way, you can go prone by holding the right analog stick in and still be able to aim your weapon.
BLaacKeN: Ok.. This kid just dropshotted me when i wasn't looking. Sooooooo pro.

trevasco: Hey! He has Dropshot in his gamertag and all over his bio! He knows what he's doing!!
by BLaacKeN March 17, 2010
A type of shot with the Sniper in Gears of War.

The "Hangman" was created by a user on Xbox live under the name "II HANGMAN"

The Hangman is the act of getting a headshot on an opponent while they are in the action of climbing over a piece of cover.
Sometimes combined with a "Backpack"
BLaacKeN: Blindfire Hangman across the map?

trevasco: Nahh. You fail.

by BLaacKeN March 12, 2010
A widely known Shot with the Sniper Rifle in Gears of War.

The shot was created by a user on Xbox Live under the name, "trevasco".

The Rolling Thunder is the motion of diving towards an opponent while they are in the action of standing back up and "Barrel-Stuffing" them with the Sniper Rifle when they are in the full erect position.

The Shot is completed with a headshot.
BLaacKeN: Yeah, so trevasco tried to Rolling Thunder me but he dove a littleeee too late and got Spidermanned.

CorruptedDreamz: Fail!

trevasco: -_-
by BLaacKeN March 17, 2010
A type of shot with the Sniper in Gears of War.

Arguably, the origin of this shot is speculated to have been created by "FeArZ No EviL".

Similar to a "Popshot", the Zoomer is when the player holds the L Trigger, then once the reticle is centered upon an opposing players head, then clicks the Left Analog stick (zooming with the scope) in followed immediately by firing the rifle giving the screen a sort of "quick zoom" effect.

The Zoomer is used for its accuracy and is quite satisfying when the headshot is acquired.
BLaacKeN: Omfg. Zoomer Spiderman ftw.

trevasco: Get luckyyyyyyyyyy.
by BLaacKeN March 12, 2010

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