when a man uses high-pressure hose to shoot another man up the ass
yo man, i spangled some dude last nite
by Mitch Kumpstein June 13, 2003
Top Definition
Semen, sperm, cum, spunk, etc
Trevor: What ya doing?
Hamish: I'm setting my alarm clock.
Trevor: What the fuck for?
Hamish: What do you mean what for? To get me up in the morning!
Trevor: Well, you're not going to work...you're not going on holiday...and you don't even bother to soap yer seal in the morning...so what have you got to get up for?
Hamish: I am a creature of habit.
Trevor: You don't even have a lie in on Sundays.
Hamish: Oh so I should be like you should I? Rotting like a corpse in bed until lunchtime every day, wallowing in my own spangle!
Trevor: Lovely! You should try it sometime!
Hamish: One morning you became so firmly glued to your encrusted blanket that you had to drag it around with you til tea-time like an albatross!

- Pets (www.petscomedy.co.uk)
by Peter Adams January 06, 2004
(singular 'spangle')
1.(noun)sparkles, sequins, jewels, beads and/or glitter.

2.(noun)anything which coruscates, flashes, gleams, glimmers, glints, glistens, scintillates, shimmers, sparkle, twinkles or winks and is used in a decorative manner

3.(verb)to emit light suddenly in sparks: (coruscate, flash, gleam, glimmer, glint, glisten,scintillate, shimmer,sparkle, twinkle, wink)
'that top is covered in spangles'
'feelin spangly tonight!'
by mim September 13, 2004
The sexual act of choking and spanking someone at the same time while having intercourse
Dude!i met this chick at the bar last night, we spangled so much last night. i think im in love.
#sex #intercourse #choking #choke #spank #spanking
by Nikkizompire January 10, 2010
So mentally retarded or idiotic as to be both spastic and mongel combined. Spelled "spangle" in honour of the famous British, boiled sweet of the 1980's.
Daniel simultaneously urinated and crapped his pants before tripping over his untied shoelaces and biting his tongue in half. What a total spangle.

"I reckon a llama could fight a polar bear," said Daniel.
"Don't be such a spangle," I replied.
#spaz #mong #spastic #mongel #spazzo
by MickeyPaul May 06, 2010
a scattering of stars and also the name of a british hardened candy/sweet in the 1970's and contained the sorts of chemicals that sent kids into orbit. an affectionate term for one who shines out and is unique.
a. 'How are you spangle?'

b. 'I'll be fine when the sweets have worn off. Can you undo my space suit?'
#british #positive #happy #candy #stars
by Hedley Clubnobber September 17, 2006
(verb)A blumpkin fused with a 69 were the girl is inverted while they undergoing oral sex on a toilet.
Carlos and Tanya spangled in the boys restroom at the club after they had one too many to drink.
#oral sex #blumpkin #69 #head #brain
by Dr.Papa Smurf April 08, 2010
'SPANGLE' can also be used instead of calling someone a nugget.
When someone is clowning around you could say 'Give over you Spangle'
by Turtle February 24, 2005
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