when a man uses high-pressure hose to shoot another man up the ass
yo man, i spangled some dude last nite
by Mitch Kumpstein June 13, 2003
to be inebriated on class a drugs.
I: "what are you up to tonight?"

R: "going out on the spangle"

I: "how are you feeling on this fine evening?"

R: "oh i've taken so many beans i feel really spangled"
by Rizla June 11, 2008
something shiny-glittery or something that just screams GAY!
yo, that shirt SPANGLES!
by Joanne&Alyce October 08, 2003
To be delighted that justice has finally been done. Against unsuperable odds, the underdog triumphs against the machine. He is SPANGLED!
I am spangled that I have overcome the tyrany of the Wart.
by Peter Ashley October 25, 2006
The best fast food resturant in the world.
Why is Adam always at spangles? Oh yeah, cause it's so delicious, and hes having an affair with Anthony.....
by The Captain February 08, 2004
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