a synonym for fuck or screw.
lauren will spak him hard.
by lmao, haha, lmao March 24, 2007
an unusual, and rarely used nickname for the combination of illegal drugs, Shrooms, Pills (MDMA) And Ketamine. producing a severly 'spaked' out effect. The name is particularly suitable because of the strange, anaesthetised qualities the ketamine provides.

legendary within the shire, oxfordshire at illegal raves. Possibly invented by Dan Webb, or drugspastic.
come on man, lets get 'SPAKed'.

Im well 'SPAKed out!'
by Johntywoo October 10, 2006
A person who drives a "tall car" or otherwise compact multi seat passenger vehicle with a high tailgate, apparently designed to take up lots of room and prevent the drivers behind from getting a clear view of the traffic conditions ahead. (see spakky wagon)

A spak is usually a retarded driver who is abnormally scared of driving and feels the need to intimidate other road users to make up for it.
"You're a spak, you're a spak, you don't know it yet, you're a spak*"
"You're such a SPAK .. why don't you buy a proper car?"
"Don't be such a Spak, who in their right mind would drive an ugly monstrosity like that"
"Quick, before the spak pulls out"
"The driver infront is weaving around like a t*t - a true spak"
*Lyrics from "You're a spak - dancecrave"
by Alan Wagon September 13, 2006
1. The act of masturbation
2. The produce of masturbation
1. Get out of the bathroom! I don't care if oyu have to spak!
2. There's spak all over the toilet you sick...
by theoriginalstick May 02, 2005

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