A sorority girl who gives it up quite easy; a sorority slut
Oh my god he's with her, she's a total sorostitute
by Ktsue September 01, 2005
A walking biological hazard. A veritable incubator for an array of sexually-transmitted infections.
Marked by an apparently deteriorated central nervous system, resulting in impulsive behavior and significantly retarded decision-making abilities.
Sorostitutes can be easily identified by their characteristically orange hue and fledgling melanomas/basal cell carcinomas.
The facial features of sorostitutes are unclear; even after months of careful field research, I haven't encountered one which had a face that was not obscured by quintuple coatings of Whore Dust.
Sorostitutes are normally clad in spandex leggings to accentuate their well-toned upper legs and gluteal muscles; these are well-deserved. This muscle tone is the result of literally days spent with their legs wrapped around males wearing hair gel.
If you are foolish enough to come in contact with a sorostitute's genitalia, immediate cauterization of all affected limbs is the most sensible mode of discourse.
I saw that sorostitute walking out of your bedroom this morning. You should probably look into some penicillin. She should probably look into some Vagisil.
by Bartleby the Scrivenahhh February 24, 2009
A sorority girl who's main goal in life is to have sex with as many fraternity guys as possible, and who's ultimate goal is to bang the starting quarterback. Once they have accomplished that, they focus on banging pretty much every other athlete on campus. It is possible to identify a Sorostitute if they are driving down the road blasting any 50 Cent song.
Hey have you been to a Tri Delta party recently? Those girls are a bunch of Sorostitutes!
by Maverick July 23, 2005
All you need is Daddy's credit card and a lack of self-respect.
Courtney's been out showing off her new BMW and driving frat-tastic guys back to their houses in it and sleeping with them. She's such a sorostitute!
by auditiger May 06, 2009
along with the other fine definitions already posted, i would like to add 'A chick that goes to college on some easy, useless (social services or anything that applies to child rearing) curricullum; with the sole intent of finding a man who will eventually graduate and support her in the style to which she'd like to become accustomed'
stay away from that sorostitute, she thinks going down is something you don't do after college
by Badger Monkey September 22, 2005
A girl who appears to be in college. Always wearing a school sweat shirt with leggins and boots. A girl who walks around drunk most of the time jumping on whatever walks. Always with her whorority sisters. They all look like they wanna be Kesha and have their school logo on their face with their house letters located above their ass.
Sorostitute See local mall.
by CassyBitch October 30, 2011
kelsey boyer has sorostitute swag
I saw Kelsey Boyer doing the stride of pride this morning from the Pike house to the Zeta house. That sorostitute is lucky greek village is small.
by tsm111 October 27, 2010

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