one girl who only joins a sority to make conections and leech off the business world....that and date guys who are tall and drive nice cars.
That sorostitute only wants to ride my nuts cause my dad is the CEO of (insert business)...and im ok with this.
by wes c August 16, 2005
Any sorority girl who wants to fuck a guy cause he’s got money
I pushed up to the local sorority house in my black SS rollin on dubs and 4 sorostitutes came up sleepin on my dick
by Tim February 13, 2003
a white skank who joins a sorority in college and likes to get drunk and fuck everyone regardless of gender or hygiene
The sorostitute I fucked a month ago gave me a raging case of VD!
by Nasty Nate October 02, 2003
Slutty sorority girl
I love going to the Brunny, it's always full of drunken sorostitutes.
by LordWatson July 12, 2003
It is a sorority chick with her eyeliner running down her face from the gagging tears after a face fucking, on her knees in the back of a alley of Chico,smelling of vodka and water, and captin morgan, sucking you in prayer you will call her the next day.

A girl who is in a sorority that does the walk of shame3 times in her life.
I did Hella Sorostitutes in Chico, But always wore a rubber.
by Master Mdog September 02, 2005
A sorority prostitute!
Those sorostitutes are going to the club tonight!
by Unfortunately, its true. February 23, 2006
An addled beneficiary of mercantilism and political rent extraction, who whores his celebrite and prestige on the admiration of his percieved wisdom to the social cause du jour, but usually to denounce economic capitalism.

Etymology: named after the multibillionaire stock and commodities speculator George Soros
George Soros, Ted Turner, Donald Trump and Warren Buffet sometimes are the sorostitute darlings of the muckraker media, always seeking to lend credence to their anti-capitalistic stance with the prestige and support of those whom gained most from anything but a capitalistic system.
by iceberg August 23, 2005

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